Hi, Welcome to Equator Uganda Safaris.

We would like to invite you to the Pearl of Africa for a journey of adventure and travel discovering local culture, traditions, wildlife, landscape, and amazing bird watching.

Equator Uganda Safaris

Equator Uganda Safaris is a locally owed Tour and Travel company conducting Local tours in Uganda. We organize gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, hiking safaris, cultural & community tours. We provide high quality destination management services in Uganda.



Anne, Europe

“The hotel and company were very nice, everyone was so helpful.  Meeting friendly, knowledgeable guides who know their country, the river and the locality made our short sight-seeing trip so much more enriching and personally valuable”

Ivan, Canada

“Everything about our trip worked as agreed upon from the connections at the airport, the hotels/lodges and their accommodation, and of course, the wonderful wildlife! There wasn’t a hitch and the standard of accommodation was beyond our expectations. “

Pauline, Texas

“The trip was a lot of fun, the organisation and preparation of the tour was very good because it really proved to us that Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa for the wildlife, beautiful landscape and primates we encountered.”

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