Who we Are.


Equator Uganda Safaris is a locally owed Tour and Travel company conducting Local tours in Uganda. We organize gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, hiking safaris, cultural & community tours. We provide high quality destination management services in Uganda.

We are passionate about linking tourism benefits to rural communities. This ensures communities living adjacent to the park and those along the tourist destinations to get actively engaged in conservation of wildlife because they benefit directly. We encourage our clients to visit communities and engage in community activities that lasts from an hour to several hours depending on time arrangement. The community activities include village walks which often lead to local schools and health centers, cooking and gardening, traditional healers, offering your insight in everyday lives of the local people.

Our safaris consider the client’s needs, time, and budget offering them the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the pearl of Africa in comfort and style. We respect the environment and culture of the local communities. The itineraries offered on the website act as examples, you are encouraged to create the itinerary of your choice together with our staff.


Atim Penelope

Atim Penelope loves traveling and enjoys the countryside which is usually silent with the only option of listening to bird sounds calling especially in the evening and morning hours.

She started Equator Uganda Safaris from a love of travel and community development. Penelope is passionate about creating opportunities for others and her desire is to incorporate travel to national parks with visits to communities so that they benefit directly from tourism income.

As a team, we have been to all tourist destinations several times. We offer a personal touch to every trip – individually tailored with detailed information and respond to your need and wishes as best as we can. We have been involved in putting together great experiences for people exploring the pearl of Africa.

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